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. they are slowly getting it back. if i take you over here, these are our friends we offer free charges, locals who, really, are stranded, they do not have a way to charge their devices so we had friends come in and out all day. a guy said a doorman charged 100 for a charge. that is the situation. it is a ghost down and it will return to a ghost town in a couple of hours when the sun goes down. some service the be back up tomorrow, and that 8 help things out and everyone who came to work today that works on the new york stock exchange, they drove down. that is important. there will be car pooling going on tomorrow and it is a dangerous situation. so, surprise to see we saw so many traders in the building showing new york resilience. >>neil: you have been going from dawn young lady and a great job. anyway, physically very get down there, this is the lower end of manhattan and a good chunk is underwater so you cannot get through the holland tunnel or queens midtown or through the brooklyn battery, the places where you access lower manhattan so you get a car that has to drop you off probably 15 or 20
is the line of comand and how does it work among local state officials? i bring it up because in new jersey the governor there, chris christie, came to loggerheads with the mayor, the democratic mayor of atlantic city because the governor said everyone clear out of the coastal towns including the famed and those prone to flooding, and the mayor essentially said, no, you don't have to, obviously the folks needed to be residued and they were vulnerable to the flood and it caused some problem between the two. what is if you are a citizen in a state where the governor, the mayor, might be arguing you might say the better part of valor is take the most cautious and safe stand, right? >>guest: not only the most cautious and safe but i would say this, the response to this disaster has been very good. it has been good. but when governor christie who is a great guy, and this mayor, who i don't know at all get into a spat that spat understoods to be done behind doors with one message sent to the public. at this time i encourage everyone and i am certain that mayor bloomberg could disagree because he
, how about a federal state, local, tax amnesty program? there are a lot of people in the underground economy that would be brought above ground with amnesty program. i estimate a federal, state and local tax amnesty program would raise about $800 billion in 90 days. you can also sell some assets off. camped person -- camp pendleton is 500 square miles in california. why not sell it? >>neil: my point, when you say it is too big to handle, you are missing the point, you cannot cut $16 trillion debt but you can boom your way from it. we are losing sight and what bill clinton learned in 1993, 1994, if you present a plan that looks credible like you want to reverse the direction, sometimes that creates a boom in and of itself and inspires confidence in the market that has little confidence right now. i blame both parties, by the way. if you give them a guidepost and show you have now planted your plan, you will be off to the races. i hope and i want to see that tomorrow night. will i? >>guest: i don't know if you will or not. i have been waiting for romney to come hitting the growth agend
if it was successful. i am moving afeel. the bigger issue is, the target, the locale, capitalism, and now to my guest. what do you make of this? >>guest: the terrorists figured out lower manhattan is the nerve center of money making in the western world. they hate the whole money making process they associate it with the power for us to dominate them or letten them. they associate it with a very unislamic way of thinking and associate it with the general conspiracy they see across the world. they are mistaken. if they had blown up the new york federal reserve or caused terrible damage it would not -- it would cause panic and it would cause terrible loss of life but not affect the financial system of the world for only a few hours or a day. there something about capitalism that infewer rates people. it goes back to envy. >>neil: in 1993 world trade center attack and the 9/11 attack and elsewhere at world trade center, it is no accident that on 9/11 certainly the world trade center and our financial community and osama bin laden himself as you have reported bragged how financially that would hit the un
with the situation. monitoring it closely. if anyone believes they received a lost, contact the local election official in the election department." joining us is ted duetsche, what do you make of this? >> guest: this is concerning. it sounds an awful lot like the letters that our governor and secretary of state intended to send out to 180,000 voters when he moved forward on the voter purge. when we pointed out and others got involved that show there were eligible voters, tens of thousands of eligible voters that plan went away. the governor went through it. i don't know what this is. >> neil: this letter states that the person who getting in has only 15 days to respond or they must prove citizenship. it's all bogus and not true. >> listen, that was the same thing with the voter purge. the governor intended to move forward on, that was also bogus. that's why he went through it. it finds out like it could be fall-out. >> neil: much ado about nothing. not a big deal at all. a few went out, romney campaign trying to get in front of it. it's stupid. on top of it. own of story. >> neil: it's not st
and that has a lot of local government on special alert. and michael brown says they have good reason to be concerned. michael, what do they do? what do you have to do? >>guest: well, i'm amazed at joe's report because that echoes something we did, gosh, eight years ago when we put together our ten worst fears of catastrophic disaster. i hope this is not catastrophic but what joe described is the kind of storm we thought would be most devastating. that was the kind of storm where the surge goes up the hudson river. imagine in a typical hurricane five or ten or 15' of water, think of the west side highway and go to the west and imagine 15' of water coming up the hudson river and joe's point about it yeting in the subways and everything else, it is going to be horrible for new york city. my advise, neil, and i care about you, you stay up on the top floors on avenue of americas and do not get below. there will be serious flooding. >>neil: this is a street level studio. that could be a problem. so i understand a you saying. here is what i think a lot of members, they get very blase they h
not anticipate that. we have absentee voting, we do not have usually voting. we are asking the local registration places if they have to close, try to keep their offices on the next couple of days, either early or later or the weeknd so people have legitimate reason to vote absentee. they can do that under the law but we do not anticipate it. we have changed the priority for restoring power to move up polling places and to move up the offices to be right after hospitals and fire stations. we do not anticipate that and we hope the election will be right on time. >>neil: be well. be safe. always good to hear from you, governor. >> that is the other part of the storm, right? all the snow. that is in west virginia, and virginia, states not used to this will be seeing unprecedented inches of that stuff and it will be worst. that is the second phase of this, the three storms converging and make things bad particularly in the highland areas in new jersey. that state is going to be ground zero in an hour or so. .. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. t
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)

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